In the group Hybrid atom-ion quantum systems, we study mixtures of cold neutral atoms interacting with trapped ions. Our research group started on December 1 2013.



  • May 2016: First lithium MOT
  • March 2016: Our experiment moved to the University of Amsterdam
  • February 2016: New preprint out
  • October 2015: Norman Ewald started his PhD
  • July 2015:  First ions observed in our trap


  • June 2015: A new publication on quantum simulation with 2D ion crystals in NJP
  • April 2015: Thomas Secker joined our group as a master student
  • October 2014: New publication in Phys. Rev. B.
  • June 2014: New publication in Phys. Rev. A.
  • May 2014: Henning Fürst  joined our group as a PhD student
  • April 2014: Norman Ewald joined our group as a master student
  • April 2014: New preprint out!
  • December 2013: Jannis Joger started his PhD.
  • December 2013: Start of the project.
  • Juli 2013: Rene Gerritsma received an ERC starting grant for studying Hybrid systems of neutral lithium atoms and ytterbium ions. Read more